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What is a partner producer?

Our partner producers are micro-enterprises or individuals who are passionate about the land and looking for projects that generate impact and profits, with an emphasis on the cultivation and production of exotic fruits such as passionfruit..

They also include farmers who aspire to produce for the international market and seek an income in international currencies.

We can help you!

At Prosagro export we advise you!

We support farmers and producers from their initial investment through the final export process. No prior knowledge is needed, just a passion for the land. Ask us about our financial advising!

Ask us about our financial advice!

What do we offer you at Prosagro Export?

Reliable advice

About the passionfruit industry so you can decide if this project is meant for you.

Logística y transporte

Transport and harvesting logistics

We collect the fruit at your property and loan you the harvesting equipment.

Apoyo financiero en insumos

Financial support

For obtaining seedlings grafted with the best genetics using best practices to reach maximum production.

icono de firma de contrato

You will sign a contract
with us

So that you are guaranteed sale of the fruit you produce.

Productor aliado y agricultor
Icono de acompañamiento financiero

Investment advice

We simulate your conditions to determine the resources you need and when you can expect a return on your investment.

Implementación y seguimiento

Implementation and monitoring

We make periodic visits to evaluate yields, maximum residue limits and quality standards for fruit exported to the international market.

Acompañamiento en inversión financiera

Assistance with setup and crop management

We can recommend suppliers experienced in assembling greenhouses, planting and   managing crops to increase production. 

Asesoría en obtener certificaciones

Advice for

Since the international market requires certifications for export such as ICA, GLOBALG.A.P. and GRAPS.

What does it take to be a partner producer?

inversión inicial

Initial capital

To develop a productive project.


Own or lease land

In an area that is appropriate for sowing.

Persona de confianza

A trusted person involved in the project

Able to make a time commitment, since we will be advising you and helping set up your company.

Certificaciones de cultivo de gulupa

Obtain certifications

We help you with certification, so that the fruit grown is of the best export quality.

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We are eager to meet you and find out if this project is right for you. Leave us your info and we’ll let you know: