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We are Prosagro Export

A Colombian company dedicated to the production, marketing and export of the Gulupa. We offer training and advice to Colombian producers from the cultivation to the export of exotic fruits.



We carry out a soil study and choose the seedlings to ensure the best genetics.



We pre-select the best fruit and pack it carefully following high quality standards.



We guarantee that the fruit reaches its destination in optimal conditions.

Our Gulupa

Cultivated in the southwest of Antioquia in Colombia. We guarantee the best genetics and select the best size for export.

tamaño de la fruta gulupa


26 to 36 gauge


Harvest time

Between 9 and 10 months

We take care of every detail of our production process

We make sure that every production process is perfect so that the fruit we export is of the highest quality.

Agricultora con gulupas en la mano
Asesor y productor prosagro

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Get advice on export processes and put your land into production. We help Colombian producers and farmers to make their crops and land profitable.

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