Prosagro Export
Exotically natural

En prosagro export promovemos buenas prácticas
Trabajador con gulupa en la mano
Asesor y agricultor encultivo de gulupa

We are a Colombian company dedicated to the production, marketing and export of passionfruit.

By using best practices

We aim to satisfy our domestic and international customers.

We seek to grow and expand

To export other exotic fruit, such as avocado, lemon and uchuva.

Our most important asset is our human capital

We value the integral development of our employees and producers.

We offer training and advice

To our Colombian producers from cultivation to export.

Our mission is transform the quality of life of our partner producers and employees

through corporate social responsibility, support for the Colombian agricultural market, and innovative projects for the production and export of exotic fruits such as passionfruit.

By 2025, Prosagro Export will position itself in the international market as a company known for having best practices for the production and export of Colombian exotic fruit, with a major market share in Europe, the United States and Canada.


More than 80% of the fruit we harvest is exported to Europe

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Our Corporate Values

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